About Us

Our Mission:

Your Soft Curves specializes in presenting a new, modern twist of the classic style of boudoir photography. Our mission is simple: to capture our clients’ natural beauty and essence. We want to show women that they are beautiful and unique, no matter what shape, size or age. Our goal for these sessions is to provide women with a new sense of confidence and empowerment through boudoir photography.

Your Soft Curves was created by Bill Ingalls and his wife, Margaret, as a new and exciting branch of Bill Ingalls Photography, Inc. Mr. Ingalls has spent many years of his photography life capturing the true essence of women through intimate portraiture. I was super excited when he passed his knowledge to me!

A lot of time goes into mastering lighting and poses to capture that one great shot that will “wow” you! This was founded for one reason: You’re a BOMBSHELL and we owe it to you to show you! Nothing is more satisfying than a client seeing a picture taken during their shoot and saying “WOW. Is that really me?!” Each scar, stretchmark, and curve tells a story, and my job is to capture that story. This is your time to SHINE and get the super model treatment 😉

We  look forward to working with you!